2017 Responder of the Year

The Responder of the Year for 2016 was awarded to

Amy Morrison-Maybee

On September 18, 2017, MCRA President, Sue Elben awarded Amy Morrison-Maybee, from Bronston Hospital in Kalamazoo with the 2017 Responder of the Year Award during the 29th Annual MCRA Training Conference.  Amy was nominated by fellow co-workers, Rachel Owens, Susan Simpson, Amy Mackey and Christee Dyk.

Amy Morrison-Maybee is a social worker at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo and a hospice social worker within the community.   She stepped into the CISM Team leadership to help out when the leader at that time took a new job.   Amy was a member of the team and had passion for the work.  Amy made sure this program continued, while she learned the ropes.  Amy quickly started to see the demand to grown the program further to meet the increasing needs of a growing hospital system in a community with significant trauma. 

Amy saw a great need to increase these services within Bronson due to high staff turnover, burnout/compassion fatigue and an increase in workplace violence; and worked very hard this past year to make this happen.  Amy successfully recruited between 50-60 new team members during a recent training she coordinated that was provided by Bronson in June 2017.  In addition to coordinating this on site training for the Bronson system, she wrote a proposal for the executive team.  During her efforts to write this proposal and coordinate the training, she helped to educate the leaders of the importance of these services not only at the main campus in Kalamazoo but across the entire Bronson system.  She worked to educate the leaders and the staff on the services provided by the team and the importance of these services during critical incidents that happen in healthcare frequently.  After submitting this proposal and presenting it to the executive team along with the Bronson Foundation she was given approval to create a new full-time coordinator position to run the CISM team.  She will transition to this position in the upcoming months. The team will now be available to the entire system and this will include Bronson Battle Creek, Bronson Lakeview, Bronson South Haven and all of the outpatient practices within these communities.

Amy was promoted to the Bronson Healthcare System CISM Coordinator for the work that she has done to grow this program.  The Bronson CISM Team was conceived in February of 2006.  It has struggled along for 10 years with no budget and barely maintaining the volunteers needed to meet the needs.  Amy is hands on, assertive and skilled.  She has tripled the amount of referrals for debriefings this year, thus, helping employees recognize their need for better self-care.  She did all of this work in addition to continuing to work her full-time MSW position within the hospital.  Without her time and effort this would not have come to be and the Bronson staff would be without this necessary service to help provide a safe place and time to heal and support one another.  Amy has shown tremendous passion and put forth a great deal of effort and time this past year.


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