2014 Responder of the Year

The Responder of the Year for 2014 was awarded to

Reverend Dr. Vincent A. Cucchetti

On September 22, 2014, MCRA President, Harvey Burnett, awarded Reverend Dr. Vincent A. Cucchetti with the 2014 MCRA Responder of the Year Award during the 26th Annual Michigan Crisis Response Association training conference that was held at the Michigan 4-H Foundation Kettunen Center in Tustin, Michigan.

Colonel Christine Rinn nominated Rev. Cucchetti for the following reasons:

“I am Deputy Chief/Military Liaison for the FRC/IAC Chaplain Network under Chief Cucchetti.  Dr. Vinny has taught multiple new chaplains in the principles of CISM and the ICISF Model while encouraging all to go on to ICISF Certification.  I personally am a member of the Wayne County and Macomb County CISM Teams and am aware of Dr. Cucchetti’s efforts in assisting Chuck Watson in his CISM Teams mutual aid agreement revitalization for 2014.  Furthermore Chief Vinny has become the Oakland County CISM Teams Beacon Newsletter Editor promoting CISM Courses at the national, state, and local levels including the 26th Annual MCRA Conference in the last three issues.  In May of this year, Vinny graduated from the Detroit Police Chaplain Academy and immediately began work developing a City of Detroit in-house CISM Team per the request of Chief Chaplain Stacey Foster (Member of the Wayne County Team) and 14 year veteran of the City Corps.  Vinny’s CISM expertise and experience has influenced beyond the City Team level down through the 13 City Precincts to the 53 Chaplain Associates in Detroit, providing them with multiple resources to facilitate formal “Stress Management” debriefing, defusing, and CMB’s conductive to the Law Enforcement culture.  Chaplain Vinny has personally recruited 15 new candidates for the 8 week September 18th Detroit Police Chaplain Academy, all of whom will be getting a major dose of Dr. Vinny’s instruction in the ICISF Model.  As an approved ICISF Instructor, Dr. Cucchetti is scheduled to provide ICISF Certification in PCI, Individual, and GFT yet this year (dates to be announced) to City Chaplains, Detroit Law Enforcement personnel, and Mental Health City Employees.  Vinny is a Board Member for the Oakland County Team and has provided many weeks of On-Call Coordination during 2014.  All of his work is done on a volunteer basis while providing formal and stealth CISM services all the yearlong.  I highly recommend him for the MCRA Responder of the Year.”

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