2011 Responder of the Year

 The Responder of the Year for 2011 was awarded to

Michelle Rose-Armstrong

Michelle Rose-Armstrong is a member of both Washtenaw County CISM teams (TERN and Washtenaw CISM for first responders) and she coordinates the WCISM team.  She is on the Board of MCRA, works privately as a Consultant/Trainer and works contractually for Washtenaw County coordinating their Suicide Prevention initiative, which includes convening Washtenaw Alive and Suicide Prevention Coalition.  Michelle is very dedicated to helping our communities be healthy places to live and that includes being available and responding when a crisis occurs. 

Over the past year, Michelle has taken the lead role in responding to a series of ten suicides and other tragic deaths in Washtenaw County.  She directly provided crisis intervention consultation to schools and other community organizations affected by these deaths, provided direct crisis intervention with staff, parents and students through CISD, CMB’s, and community education.  In addition to direct service, she also coordinated the dispatching of other CISM and TERN team members as needed to support the communities’ response.  Michelle provided these services as a member of TERN, a community CISM team.  Because of Michelle’s work, the contagion effect of these deaths that occurred was abated and lives were saved.  During this time, Michelle also coordinated two support CISM responses to teams outside of Washtenaw County.  Michelle's work has made the community a better place to live and has helped the community develop active support systems.


*Michelle is pictured with Harvey Burnett, MCRA President, and Sue Elben, MCRA Vice President.


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