Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

Designed to provide participants with the latest information on critical incident stress management techniques and post-trauma syndromes, the Advanced Group Crisis Intervention builds on the knowledge base, which was obtained through the Group Crisis Intervention course and/or in publications.  At the conclusion of this course, participants will have been exposed to specific, proven strategies to intervene with those suffering the ill effects of their exposure to trauma.  Emphasis will be on advanced defusings and debriefings in complex situations.

This course is designed for EAP, human resources and public safety personnel, mental health professionals, chaplains, emergency medical services providers, firefighters, physicians, police officers, nurses, dispatchers, airline personnel and disaster workers who are already trained in the critical incident stress debriefing format.  It will also be useful for those working extensively with traumatized victims for various walks of life.

This course requires previous training and experience.  ICISF’s “Group Crisis Intervention” should be viewed as a prerequisite.

Course Highlights

·         Relevant research findings

·         Managing complex group oriented crisis interventions

·         Nature and importance of incident assessment

·         Strategic intervention planning

·         Comprehensive, integrated, systematic and multi-component CISM 

·         Concepts of enhanced group processes

·         Significantly delayed interventions

·         “Multiple incident CISD”

·         Suicide of a colleague

·         Small group crisis support sessions after a disaster

Completion of “Advanced Group Crisis Intervention” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (14 Contact Hours) qualifies as an ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.


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