TEAM: Team Evolution and Management

Crisis intervention and critical incident stress management strategies and interventions can only be effectively delivered through a well-organized and orchestrated crisis response team.  Team development and management skills are critical to the effective functioning of a crisis response team.  This session will explore: leadership and management strategies; team development activities; team evolution considerations; preventative maintenance; learning from the past; and how to help teams remain healthy.

This course is designed for anyone in a team leadership position or who aspires to contribute to the organization or continued development of a crisis support, CISM, or peer support team.  The program is essential to the development and maintenance of these programs.

Program Highlights

  • Framework for an effective CISM Team
  • Appropriate policies and procedures for CISM Team operation
  • Two management theories and the characteristics of each
  • Steps in team development
  • Key skills for successful leadership
  • Methods to keep teams healthy
  • Minimum standards for training of team members
  • Barriers to team development
  • Group dynamics that effect team operation
  • Difficult team maintenance issues

Completion of “TEAM: Team Evolution and Management” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (13 Contact Hours) qualifies as a class in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.

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